Our skills

Political and strategic communication

Patricia BalmePB COM INTERNATIONAL offers you extensive experience in its practice areas:

  1. Communication consulting services for prominent figures in politics and government
    • Analyze systems of influence
    • Develop influence-building communication strategies
    • Identify key contacts (e.g. decision-makers, opinion relays and allies)
    • Help establish alliances and cooperation agreements
    • In connection with the institutions of French Republic, the Government, the Parliament, etc...
  2. Coaching (speeches, public speaking)
  3. Creation of personalized websites
  4. Organizing election campaigns
    • Creation of visual identity (photos, posters, logos, graphic charters)
    • Design of the campaign (ads application, slogans, campaign schedule, team training around the candidate)
    • Councils on the candidate's personal communication
    • Media recommendations
  5. Orchestrate personalized press relations
    • Provide information watch and data collection services
    • Identify key journalists
    • Get the client’s message out (press releases, press kits)
    • Establish personalized press contacts
    • Arrange press conferences and interviews
    • Handle audiovisual communication (e.g. drafts amendments, position papers and communication tools)


"In politics, you have to act. But once you’ve acted, you have to let everyone know about it."
John F. Kennedy