Our skills

Institutional lobbying

Patricia Balme They realize that they must influence the socio-political environment.

PB COM INTERNATIONAL has the competence and specific expertise to serve public authorities effectively.

  1. PB COM INTERNATIONAL can actively monitor
    • Draft regulations at national or international level (e.g. legal, tax, economic or environmental)
    • Bilateral and multilateral geostrategy
    • Implementation of networks and alert systems
    • Media coverage
    • How well a business enterprise or country deals with its institutional environment from the perspective of ethics, image, credibility and/or relations with NGOs.
    • A situation that calls for launching a lobbying campaign to take up a defensive stance, seize a good opportunity or anticipate a strategic trend.
  3. PB COM INTERNATIONAL can take action
    • Draft a strategy plan
    • Perform influence and decision mapping
    • Mobilize resources
    • Launch different stages of action
      • Draft message statements and position papers
      • Make contact with targeted persons
      • Keep track of administrative procedures
      • Follow parliamentary procedures
      • Launch an immediate response if called for

"Influences are not what matters. It’s the choice of influences that counts."
Charles de Gaulle