Our ethics

Charter for Sustainable Development


  1. Professional relations
    • Select on the basis of strict criteria both men and businesses according to the values they share with PB COM INTERNATIONAL
    • Guaranty confidentiality and discretion for the authorities and institutional representatives PB COM INTERNATIONAL supports
    • Commit to avoiding any conflict of interest
    • Ascertain that the means implemented are used for the successful completion of the projects
    • Support "Sustainable Development" approaches from men and women advised by PB COM INTERNATIONAL
    • Promote and Defend democratic principles and Human Rights
  2. Relations with the environment
    • Avoid all forms of waste
    • Limit PB COM INTERNATIONAL’s footprint on the environment by optimizing the business trips of representatives via the use of videoconference and by limiting paper waste
    • Introduce environmental and social criteria in the call for tenders needed for the various activities
    • Promote suppliers involved in certification projects
    • Rely on local expertise and know-how
    • Ensure the implementation of solidarity programs through actions in favor of health and education
  3. Relations with representatives
    • Appoint complementary expertise around selected projects
    • Call upon the competencies of people from diverse cultural backgrounds
    • Train the teams giving them a Sense of responsibility with relation to eco-citizen actions

"Ethics is nothing else than reverence for life." Albert Schweitzer