Our skills

Press relations and institution monitoring

Patricia BalmeInformation is key to any strategic action. PB COM INTERNATIONAL offers its well-known expertise as a means of effectively supporting the promotional and communication initiatives taken on behalf of clients.

  1. Media relations
    • Maintain an information watch and collect data
    • Identify key journalists - Get the client’s message out (press releases and press kits)
    • Establish personalized press contacts
    • Arrange press conferences and interviews
    • Handle audiovisual communication (press kits for TV)
  2. Research, surveys and scanning
    • Monitor the legislative/parliamentary, administrative or media environment
    • Maintain a presence at the French National Assembly, the French Senate, the European Parliament, the FMI and the Council of Europe, where PB COM INTERNATIONAL staff members have official accreditation.
    • Supply economic intelligence
    • Work with polling organizations to carry out and use opinion polls
    • Web watch

"The general with the best informers has already won the battle."
Sun Tzu