Communications for political figures

  • Analyzing influence systems
  • Influence communication strategies
  • Identifying key interlocutors, including decision-makers, relays, and allies
  • Forming alliances and partnerships
  • Links to French state institutions, government, parliament, etc.

Organizing election campaigns

  • Creating a visual identity using logos, graphics, photos, posters, etc.
  • Campaign design from announcing a candidacy to slogans, campaign schedules and training the candidate's team
  • Advice on the candidate's personal communications
  • Media recommendations

Personalized media relations services

  • Monitoring and information gathering
  • Identifying 'key' journalists
  • Disseminating information including press releases and briefings
  • Arranging contact with journalists to suit your needs
  • Organising interviews and press conferences
  • Audiovisual communications

Coaching (public speaking, speeches)

  • Media training
  • Public Speaking
  • Body language analysis
  • Simulated television interviews
  • Voice and body language training

Digital strategy

  • Website creation
  • Managing your digital reputation
  • Setting up social networks
  • Setting up a digital monitoring service
  • Referencing websites