Organizing and mobilising a dedicated team (internal and external)

  • Designating a dedicated point of contact
  • Training and managing the campaign team
  • Weekly meetings and conference calls
  • Setting up a team of specialist consultants
  • Our team comes to you

Implementing of decision-making procedures

  • Political marketing strategies (benchmarking)
  • Studying and analysing competitors and opponents
  • Commissioning both qualitative and qualitative opinion polls
  • Analysing public perceptions of the candidate's personality
  • Highlighting the candidate's potential (PNL)

Coordinating information flow

  • Selecting positive press articles
  • Monitoring the media for 'fake news'
  • Setting up a response cell
  • Prioritising and filtering information flows
  • Verifying information sources

Crisis management and exit strategies

  • Anticipating crises for better preparation
  • Managing unexpected crises
  • Lobbying the media
  • Establishing a crisis storyline
  • Setting up a crisis unit
Identifying and approaching political, administrative and media players
  • Identifying the initiators of a political crisis
  • Analysing the behaviour of players in a crisis
  • Coaching to provide support in a crisis
  • Harmonising language used
  • Activating positive networks